About Me

My name is Shaan Inder Chopra and like always it’s my day one in the blogging.

Born in Karnataka and brought up in many other states in country India. I am a Post-Grad in Business Administration have worked with Coldstar Logistics, Amazon and Jindal Steel, I have my interests in Aquarium, Travel, Digital Games and Consumer Web Technology.


I have been work on a few of my projects from a micro niche and others having a larger audience.

  1. MarineHobby.com
  2. TechLounger.com
  3. PhotoShot.in
  4. coming soon

I play with WordPress, Google, Facebook, Twitter and all other tools we use for SEO i.e Yoast, PBN’s, Guest Posts, Email Marketing, Ads. I do Paid and Free activities for both the blogs. Sometimes, I get amazed at the findings and outcomes.

I put my findings on this site and of course all my personal thoughts as well. Further, it doesn’t stop me from creating more sites and work on them. So, stay tuned and catch-up on the latest.

You are free to visit my site https://shaan.ch for my latest updates.

Thank you for dropping by;
Shaan Inder Chopra