Before buying a wordpress theme just have a look at this!!!

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Before Buying Wordpress Theme
Thinking of a customizing your site, Here are some things to check before buying a wordpress theme as too many options can create confusions. Themes are one-time buy and should be chosen very carefully, regular theme changes can be difficult at time.


Write the goal of the website in front of you, never forget what is the aim of the website. There are seriously good looking templates on the web right now and they are just mind blowing. Look don’t matter when matter is too good, seriously if you are a manufacturing firm then a news blogging site template is difficult to digest.


Checking you system is no harm, Look for all the variable you have on your wordpress root, your server details, your php running version,  most important wordpress version. Update them to the latest version for more stability and support.

WordPress Themes

There would be more than a billion wordpress themes available online, from free to fully customized. Some of the sites give supported premium and free premium as i would call them for a fact that one you buy from the creator and get full support from the creator, which one should try and support but yet again for price factor we have GPL (General Public License). Supported Premium
Free Premium

Compatibility & Style

Some authors sometime forget to update their theme which can be a major setback on the security front. Look for the most updated theme that satisfy your “GOAL”. Look very carefully the demos which most of the themes provides the spacing the length, blog placement, picture display, design as much detail as possible check via cell phone as well if not shown in the demo.

Theme Add-ons

Most of the themes require wordpress plugins to work properly, Check which are these plugins before buying, if there is any premium plugin this will only be updated once the whole theme is updated and gets no key for registry or updates.


Wordpress is a powerful web application which has the capability to cater to any web domain it is an open source app and is being served on more than a million websites around the world. Millions of websites are customized and built on the wordpress platform on daily basis.  Lastly keep you system safe and updated. Let me know what you think of the this post and share your experience on buying a wordpress theme.

Last modified: May 11, 2019

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