Control the Internet or Influence the Internet

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Control the Internet or Influence the Internet

I wonder who would control the internet or Influence the internet, who has the power that by the click of the button can shut internet. Well no one has that power but still there are lot of organization and personalities which has the power to influence the internet. I am here going to take few example here.

When ever we want to search for a good restaurant or look for its delivery number what do we do? We Google, We Justdial, We Zomato. How many times do we actually remember the correct domain name for the restaurant. Ok how many times do we visit their site directly. This is influence the internet.

We got a new laptop and we just installed an all in one security software, now when i search for restaurant. This application tells me which links are safe and which are not. Application like these influence the internet. As they put green and red ticks and give you warning for the potential threat on the site can influence any one.

Socially when we hook up on the social networks we are bombarded with the images of the next best thing. This is another influence the internet. Government also has some influence over web they do posses the power to block certain elements.

Internet is a crazy place and what enters the space remains in the space no matter what we try. All our electronics is linked with the web space even our mobile phones. Click a picture in one country and the picture is on the web. Every person has the power to influence the internet and you really don’t need any thing.

Well we can not control the internet but we can influence it by simple acts. Share what you see, Protect what you can (Default options are not always great), Review your comments and posts, Use good key words, Tendering topics good bust of influence and the most important is the content.

I have also seen at places where negative elements influence the most so no type of influence is bad. Let me know your encounter with control the internet or influence the internet.

Last modified: June 23, 2019

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