Bring down the posts on this site and routine thinking

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Bring down the posts1

Well have decided that will be bring down of the old test post on this site and will give a new look. The plan is to change the menu section and change the theme. I been working on few of the projects which need little more attention and this blog need a make over. I am also thinking of working vacation. Need a break to re-charge there is a long way to sea. Worked on both sites today hopeful the work should be live soon.

I am looking for blast email service have heard they are good for a short time. But additional give a site lot of exposure to new viewers. Making is just one part the other part is the reach and without reach what every we are making is a waste. If you make one do let others know. So lets clean up this site and bring down some posts with home page redirection.

P.S. Need to set my routine which has been gone haywire. See this i feel is the most important part which i am missing on. Rest everything is related to this routine. Not really going by early to bed and early to rise. So this need to change as all work on the site are almost completed so no excuse on this.

Last modified: May 11, 2019

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